Royal Decameron Indigo Beach

A Haitian jewel, surrounded by a 55-hectare natural reserve and 2 kilometers of white sand beaches, colored by an indigo blue sea and ski, can be found between the sea and the mountains of Hispaniola Island, now known as Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

The resort is located on the paradisiac Côte des Arcadins, only 90 minutes from the Toussaint Louverture International Airport and the historic center of Port Au Prince, the capital of Haiti, where you will enjoy an interesting mix of culture between music, voodoo and carnivals.

Here, rest and serenity are the rule, amidst a delicious tropical climate averaging 30 degrees centigrade, the warmth of Haitian people and the charm of its gastronomy.

This small nation, full of stories and mysteries, was a unique enclave of the colonial era in times of Christopher Columbus, where you cannot miss visiting ‘La Citadelle’, a fortress that holds the tales of a golden era, declared World Heritage Site by Unesco.

You can also enjoy the ‘Rum Route’ and take a refreshing dip in waterfalls, fresh springs such as the Piat or the Artibonite hot springs, hidden amid the mountainous ranges of this islands.